Sylvie Carlier was born in Le Mans of France, where she grew up and studied. She started painting when she was young. In 1979, she visits Greece and overwhelmed by its light and beauty, she decides to get settled in Piraeus, where she still lives and keeps her personal studio.

Born with this special eye, that allows the painter to realise the environment, and a hand specially skillful in depicting this reality, lifted through the breath of the soul she dares to try different techniques.

Trying always to improve her artistic skills, she took some classes Nikos Pissas that lasted three years, during which she approached painting through a more classical way. 

She keeps on painting, believing in a system of values and principals that characterise her pieces of work, which are made in the calmness and completion of her studio. Her friends charmed by her work and her long and continuous efforts for recognition of arts encourage her increasingly. 

1986 is when she is having her first exhibition. Since then every year she gets called to participate in different group exhibitions in Greece (Athens Zappeio Exhibition Room-1989, Kostis Palamas Academy-1989, Municipal Theatre of Piraeus-1992, 1994, 1998, 1999, Kondi Gallery-1997, Melina Merkouri Cultural Center-2000, Island of Ikaria-1997, Island of Andros-2000) as well as in France ("Meeting The Painters"-Sainte Generi Le Gerei of Orne-1995, "Montmartre a Briollay"-Maine et Loire-1996, 2009)

In 1993 she is having her first personal exhibition in the island of Sifnos, Cyclades, in 1997 the second (Under The Bridge Theatre-Piraeus) and third (Tours of France).

In 1999 the suggestions do increase and in 2000, everything seems to be happening faster, after participating in the Panhellenic Painting Competition of Parnassos-Athens. 

She draws everyone's attention at the Thanos Tragas Art Center of Athens, where is is being awarded. In June 2000, she gets invited to participate in the International Painting Exhibition, organised by UNESCO. Given the chance, she, then, becomes a member of it, and she is given the position responsible for the International Public Relations as well as the mission of representing Greece in France and France in Greece. 

Her actions show how active she is. She is a member of the Panhellenic Company of Literature and Art of Athens. She is also in charge of organising painting exhibitions at the "Under The Bridge Theatre"- head of which is the famous actor Nikos Dafnis. She collaborates with the Bourbon Studio of Fontevraud-L'abbaye of Maine et Loire, as well as with the Art Gallery of Jc Bellanger of Angers. She is a member of the Cultural Council of Briollay, and of the Council of the "Athenes Accueil" French Company. She is also an ambassadressof the Anger Artists French Company, "Les Artistes Ligeriens". Finally she is in charge of public relations of "Skinovates" Art and Culture Union. 

Her art is expressed through different paths; Greek landscapes, dead natures, horses, icebergs, dolphins etc. She presents her work in different sizes, but her miniatures pleasantly surprise everyone. The artist spreads her range of colours with great skill, so that she can provide an harmonic and "polite" result, surrounded by the clarity, unfolded by the world of light. Her work shows us her love for Greece and her continuous quest for values through the classical beauty. Ideals such as freedom, purity and transparency compose the artistic suggestion of Sylvie Carlier...


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